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The 15 L camping shower bag! Stay clean on your camping or backpacking trips and enjoy a quick and warm shower after a long expedition. Thanks to its 15 L capacity, this solar shower bag allows for showering anywhere with hot water (up to 43º C if exposed for at least 3 hours to direct sunlight). This handy camping shower bag was made of special and resistant plastic materials and turns out to be very easy to hang. Fill the bag with water, hang it in the hot sun using the hanging rope and suspension handle and let it sit for some time to heat up. Once heated, simply stand beneath it and use the plastic hose to direct the flow over your body! 

The portable solar shower features:

  • A 15 L water bag (approx. 190 x 40 cm) controlled by a pull on/off shower spout
  • A shower head with a hose to direct the flow (approx. 70 cm)
  • A reinforcing tube and a hanging rope with a hook

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