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Finding the right Garmin Vivo for you

Garmin Smartwatch Wearables



First released: October 2015 / May 2016

Garmin has joined the increasingly crowded market of wrist based HR fitness trackers with the Vivosmart HR. Launched in late 2015, the device features a crisp new screen, a heart rate monitor, activity and sleep tracking and smart notifications.

The new device adds for the first time for a Garmin fitness tracker, an internal optical HR sensor, 24×7 heart rate recording (continual resting HR, and average resting HR based on a 7 day rolling average), barometer to count stairs and intensity minutes.

Like the earlier version of the product, the Vivosmart HR features a rechargeable lithium battery. The 5 day battery life is fine compared to the direct competition, although it is slightly lower than the 7 days offered by the original Vivosmart tracker.

With the Vivosmart HR, Garmin has come out with a strong contender in the fight for your wrist space. This is a fully featured comprehensive fitness tracker which churns out fairly accurate data. The inclusion of a crisp new screen this time around, a barometer for tracking floors climbed, and most importantly a wrist based HR sensor.

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First released: March 2015

Vivoactive is Garmin’s first true smartwatch. The device is thin and lightweight and includes all functions offered by its less sophisticated models in addition to an LCD high-resolution colour touchscreen, GPS and dedicated apps (for running, swimming, cycling and golf). You will, however, need to strap a separate heart rate monitor to make the most of heart rate zone training.

Vivoactive comes in just two colours – black and white – and sports a fairly thin 8mm body. Its full dimensions are 43.8 x 38.5 x 8mm and it weighs just under 40g. You can customise your watch face and add apps and widgets.

The smartwatch offers 50m waterproofing, and in this case, they actually want you to swim with it since it includes swim tracking. The battery life is 3 weeks in watch/activity tracking, which if you use the GPS function, quickly comes down to just 10 hours.

The running feature tracks your pace, time and distance. For golfing, you can download golf course maps from over 38,000 courses worldwide, measure shot distance and support individual scorecards as well as know yardage to layups and doglegs. The cycling feature allows you to measure time, distance and speed. With the swimming feature, you can track distance, pace and stroke rate.

The activity tracker counts your steps, calories burned and distance throughout the day. As with the previous models, the move bar alert motivates you to move when you’ve been sitting too long. Vivoactive also acts as a basic smartwatch with music playback controls and notifications from your smartphone for incoming calls, emails, calendar reminders and texts popping up on the display.

All in all, the Vivoactive is a good all round sports watch with smart features.

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First released: March 2016

The Vivoactive successor looks beautiful. The device takes all of the features from the original tracker but upgrades it with a heart rate monitor and a sleeker new design. Vivoactive HR sports a rectangular, always-on, Garmin Chroma touchscreen display. There are also different interchangeable bands to choose from.

Like its predecessor device, Vivoactive HR counts steps, intensity minutes, monitors sleep, and now with the addition of a barometric altimeter – counts the number of floors climbed.

The watch uses 24/7 wrist-based heart rate data to calculate calories burned as well as the intensity of fitness activities. Built-in sports apps include running; cycling; golf and swimming plus added support for paddle boarding and skiing. Vivoactive HR also features Intensity Minutes and Move IQ.

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First released: May 2016

Garmin’s first stab at a stylish analogue watch combines a traditional design with function, monitoring fitness activity and reminding users when they’ve been inactive too long.

The watch face features two bars that allow you to view you step progress and inactivity at a glance. Vivomove also estimates calories burned and tracks how well you’ve slept by monitoring movement and restlessness.

Throughout the day, Vivomove automatically syncs with the Garmin Connect Mobile app where you can track your trends, join online challenges or see how you stack up against friends. You will also receive Garmin Connect Insights, smart wellness insights personalized to help you reach your goals.

Vivomove is available in a variety of interchangeable models: the Vivomove sport, Vivomove classic with leather straps, and the more upscale vívomove premium with leather straps and full steel body. It also comes in a variety of fashionable case finishes including black, white, rose gold-tone, stainless steel, and gold-tone.

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